If financial texts are going to be translated well, two factors are essential: a high level of linguistic competence and solid specialist knowledge. Following my business studies in Jena and Lyon I was employed for eight years as a market and credit risk analyst at a major German bank. In the process I was able to acquire comprehensive knowledge in numerous fields – from balance sheet analysis, through the creation of cash flow simulations, to risk management and controlling of derivatives.

Languages have always held a fascination for me. I worked in international teams throughout the first years of my career and the translation of short specialist texts into German was a frequent feature of the normal working day. As time went by I came to experience more enjoyment from this than from the pure analytical activity. In 2005, therefore, I decided to combine my interest in the financial world and my enthusiasm for translating in one career: initially, I completed postgraduate studies in translation science in Barcelona and then began working as a freelance translator of financial and business texts. My professional experience in the financial sector formed an ideal basis for my career start. I now work via international agencies for numerous banks and companies in Germany and Switzerland.