Current projects English > German

– Translation of the documentation of an asset management mandate in the raw materials field for an American investment bank (18 pages)
– Translation of contracts between a Swiss bank and its IT service provider (14 pages)
– Translation of the annual financial statement by a Liechtenstein-based asset management company (32 pages)
– Translation of the annual report by a Luxembourg-based investment fund (25 pages)- Translation of training documents on the topic of “Financial markets, economics and currencies” for a major Swiss bank (180 pages)
– Since 2007: Daily translation of market comments for a Swiss private bank. Swiftness and extreme precision are the primary requirements in this project. Every morning before 8 o’clock, the analysts at the bank compile comments about corporate news and its impacts on share valuation. These comments have to be translated into German within a maximum of 30 minutes, so that they are available to the bank’s clients before the stock exchange opens.