Feedback from my clients

“Hello Alexander, I’m just wondering whether you could take on the Sales Notes every week. This would be an enormous boost to the quality of the texts”.
(Account manager from an agency)

“Many thanks for your speedy feedback on the text (which I got today, just what I needed), your thorough quality check and helpful comments!”
(Feedback from an agency translator following a quality check)

“Greetings Mr. Weber, I have just completed the QA for the above two projects. A big compliment to you for your meticulous work. The texts were absolutely faultless in terms of content and language …. the ‘bee’s knees’ so to speak, if you’ll allow me this casual expression.”
(Comment from a Swiss agency about translations for the client magazine of a Geneva-based private bank)

“Many thanks for the two excellent translations, which read very fluently and are also free of textual errors.” (Feedback from an agency about the translation of hedge fund reports for a Swiss bank)

“Here’s the text back from the QA desk. The translator has really done a top job here. A big compliment!”
(Feedback on the translation of a business organization’s annual report)

“Hello Alexander, here’s another batch of reports back from QA. The quality was tip-top again, hardly any changes were needed. Thanks once again for your valuable assistance and excellent work each time!”
(Feedbacks from an agency about the translation of fund reports)