International financial markets are increasingly complex. New products are being created, the degree of specialization is rising and ever greater requirements are being placed on transparency and controlling the risks that market players take. Demands on the translation of financial texts are also more exacting as a result, because if communication is going to be effective it is crucial to describe market events in a manner which is comprehensible and yet precise. However, this is possible only if the translator possesses sufficient expert knowledge and understands the text he is working from one hundred percent. In many cases, therefore, straightforward translator training is not enough. Rather, extensive industry knowledge is required so that translations which are faultless in terms of both language and content can be guaranteed.

In documents such as fund prospectuses, annual financial statements or reports to the supervisory bodies, even an apparently insignificant error can have serious consequences. In addition, the terminology used should be standardized throughout a company’s texts, so that misunderstandings among the readership can be ruled out. It is equally important, however, for the translator to keep a constant eye on whom he is addressing with his text: a promotional brochure for small investors with little prior knowledge needs to be formulated differently to an in-house product prospectus for a bank’s sales employees.

As a specialist translator with many years’ professional experience in the financial field I offer you translations that measure up to these exacting demands.